The Creative Spark with Richard Whittaker

Creativity is one thing: making a living at it, completely another. In The Creative Spark, host Richard Whittaker interviews a wide array of artists: filmmakers, theater performers, visual designers, dancers, and more to find out how they became the people they are today.
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The Creative Spark with Richard Whittaker

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Nov 19, 2016

Matt Frank in his studio


Call him the Godzilla guy: Matt Frank is a powerhouse comic artist and an encyclopedic historian of the kaiju rubber monster genre. In this final episode of season one of The Creative Spark, he talks with host Richard Whittaker about what it's like to go from being a dinosaur-loving kid, to drawing one of cinema's iconic monsters for a living, and finally visiting Japan to become part of that pop culture legacy. 


Nov 17, 2016

Ruby Joule in her Tikki palace


If you believe the history books, burlesque is dead. But if you've ever seen Miss Ruby Joule, co-founder of Austin's The Jigglewatts, in action you'll know that's a lie. Here she talks with host Richard Whittaker about becoming a dancer, and helping resurrect the great lost art of the shimmy-shimmy-shake.

Nov 15, 2016

"It's a Space Ship!" by Tim Doyle


Austin artist Tim Doyle was one of the pioneers of the modern poster and collectible print movement. At the same time, he's been critical of what he thinks is wrong - price gouging, false scarcity, and more. In the interview, he talks frankly about his career to date, his Unreal Estate series, going it alone, and becoming a one-man business empire.

Nov 14, 2016

Jason Neulander became a fixture of the Austin stage scene with his work in alternative theater. However, with his groundbreaking, touring show The Intergalactic Nemesis he created a new art form, the live action graphic novel, and filled audiences around the US and Europe with wonder.